Misanthropic Massacre

Fucking Great debut CD from Italy.. Intense Tech slamming Brutality in the vein of Dying Fetus, Misery Index, Dehumanized.
NTEY 059 release 01/ 2014 CD Italy in stock


  Anthems For The Easily Offended

Debut album groovy goregrind from Austria!! For fans Rompeprop, Spasm etc....!!!!
NTEY 058 release 12/ 2013 CD Austria in stock


  Gateway to Pestilence
Debut album, ultra brutal slamming death metal from New Jersey with members from Digested Flesh!!!!
NTEY 057 release 10/ 2013 CD USA in stock


  The Shreds of Oblivion

Death is only part on the route that is heading to the arms of death. " ...SECTESY is the answer for all of the metal trends..." the only way back in time, is the right way to reach the real Death Metal"... After long two years since the first Promo CD, Czech SECTESY release their first "The Shreds of Oblivion" full of musical references on early 1990. For followers of the real Metal style of DISMEMBER, ENTOMBED, DEATH, HYPOCRISY, NECROPHOBIC or DESULTORY there are almost 45 minuts of melodic Old School Death Metal... You can also find cover of KRABATHOR on CD!!! " It's time to step forward into the enchanting smell of rot"...
NTEY 056 release 02/ 2014 CD Czech in stock


Second CD from this ultrabrutal GoreGrind/Slammy Death from Russia!Fucking great mix between Mortician, Jig-Ai, Cephalotripsy,CBT or Devourment (old) !!!!
NTEY 055 release 09/ 2013 CD Russia in stock


  Origin & Intention

Brutal Death Metal Heroes from Slovakia !!! For all the fans of old Cryptopsy, Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse
NTEY 054 release 07/ 2013 CD Slovakia in stock


  Depths Of Obscurity

Second CD for all fans of Brutal, Devastating Slammy Death metal from USA Death Metal influenced by Putrid Pile, Immolation, I Decrepancy, Viral Load
NTEY 053 release 06/ 2013 CD USA in stock



Cult first Fleshless album on LP
NTEY 052 release 06/ 2013 LP Czech in stock


  News From The Morgue

Debut CD - Old school death metal from Czech Republic in the vein of Grave / Autopsy / Benediction with members from Rubufaso Mukufo
NTEY 051 release 04/ 2013 CD Czech in stock


  Split CD

   New Songs from both bands !!! Tupa tupa Goregrind master  vs Brutal Death/Grind masacre!!

NTEY 050 release 03/ 2013 CD Czech in stock


  Exit Humanity

Brutal Slammy Death/Grind from Germany in the vein of Dying Fetus/Misery Index/Devourment/Beheaded .... Recorded and mixed in Shaark studio in Czech Republic (Fleshless/Master/Mucopus/Goreinhaled)
NTEY 049 release 01 / 2013 CD Germany in stock


  Lumberjack Job foe a Chainsaw Cowboy

Fucking Brutal Slammy Death Metal from Germany in the vein of Devourment/Cephalotripsy/Despised Icon with extreme deep female vocals
NTEY 048 release 11 / 2012 CD Germany in stock


  Until it stops....

Debut release of sick Brutal Porn Gore Grind from the Czech Republic!!  SICK SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!
NTEY 047 release 011 / 2012 CD Czech in stock


  Taboo Tales

Heavy Drum'n'Bass gigolo gore grind. 3rd CD/LP designed as a proper soundtrack to gang bang party....
NTEY 046 release 06 / 2012 Picture LP Czech in stock


  Waiting For Cadaver

Death Metal - Fresh New Blood from Germany... For all fans of All Shall Perish , Black Dahlia Murder
NTEY 045 release 09 / 2012 CD Germany in stock



Highly anticipated 2nd full length CD from these German Brutal Death Goregrind Masters!!!   Sick and heavy as fuck!!!
NTEY 044 release 06 / 2012 CD Germany out of stock


  Purified Zombie Cadaver

Debut CD of fucking sick Ultra Brutal Slamming Death Metal from Turkey!!  8 bone-breaking tracks!
NTEY 043 release 06 / 2012 CD Turkey out of stock


  So Letīs Nukeīm Firs

Ultra Brutal GoreGrind from Vienna/Austria...In the vein of mighty Rompeprop, Spasm, CBT and more...  SICK SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NTEY 042 release 05 / 2012 CD Austria out of stock


Conceived Genetically Perverse

Debut full length release of Fucking Brutal Guttural Death Metal from Spain, amazing debut!!  A must for fans of Guttural Secrete, Cephalotripsy, Devourement etc..  Avgrunn means "Abyss" in Swedish, but is misspelled.
NTEY 041 release 04 / 2012 CD Spain out of stock


  Sophisticated Atrocity

After 3 demos comes the long awaited debut full length CD of Crushing Brutal Death Metal from Slovakia! Fucking sick Blasphemous Death Metal, Great Shit!!!
NTEY 040 release 03 / 2012 CD Slovakia out of stock


  Someone Speaks Shit

Brutal Death metal with Core Elements from Ukraine....  For all fans of Dying Fetus, Misery Index.....
NTEY 039 release 01 / 2012 CD Ukraine in stock


  Mighty Chaos

After 5 years of silence comes the long awaited 3rd Full length CD of fucking sick Brutal Death Metal from Turkey!!  Crushing album, GET THIS!!!! For fans old Cannibal Corpse!!!!
NTEY 038 release 09 / 2011 CD Turkey in stock


 Sanctuary Beyond The Infinite

The Colombian master of Brutal Death Metal is back with the highly anticipated 4th full length CD.  FUCKING SICK!!
NTEY 037 release 06 / 2011 CD Colombia out of stock


  Alienation Mental

NEO MACHINE GRIND Bastards are back to Grind you ALL!!!  WIth their highly anticipated 3rd Full Length Album!!  One of fastest drummer !!!!!
A Must for fans of Cryptopsy , Cephalic Carnage, Dying Fetus!
NTEY 036 release 05 / 2011 CD Czech out of stock


 Cause of Apocalypse

The highly anticipated 2nd full length CD of Ultra Brutal Ultra Guttural Death Metal from the Czech Repuplic!!   This devastating album will be out soon!!
NTEY 034 release 12 / 2010 CD Czech in stock


  Designed by Disgust

Greg and Wasteform are back after 5 years of silence, Ny's Wasteform unleashed their long awaited 3rd Full Length album!  Crushing Heavy As Fuck Brutal Death Metal, Featuring 5 Brand new tracks with 2 Live tracks previously unreleased anywhere.  7 Tracks 30+ minutes!  DON'T MISS!!!
NTEY 033 release  2010 CD USA out of stock


  it s Your Life It S Your Death

Devastating 2nd Full Length album of Ultra Heavy Brutal Death Core from Czech republic..  A must for fans of Misery Index, All Shall Perish, The Faceless
NTEY 032 release 6/ 2010 CD Czech in stock


 Prey of Depravity

Shattedred Eyes combine the "Old-School" type of Death Metal with the "New Death Metal" bringing forth a sound that makes you want to hit the person right next to you. With  precise blast beats, killer guttural growls, heavy guitars and ballsy bass, Fucking SIck Release! Featuring guest vocals from Angel of Condemned / Cephalotripsy, and Nate from Gortuary
NTEY 031 release  3/2010 CD USA/MEXICO out of stock


  Chainsaw Gynecology

Debut release of brutal samming feath metal from Albany  /USA! Bone Crushing and technical
 madness, brutality. ISRAFEL, DEVOURING ALL!  For fans of Beneath the Massacre,Skinless
 ..  This debut will KILL You !!!

NTEY 030 release 01 / 2010 CD USA out of stock


  Shit Autopsy

Gore grind full of fecal humour. For fans of Rompeprop, Dead Infection and other perverse

NTEY 029 release 06 / 2009 CD Czech in stock
  Baptysm Of The Unborn

Be ready for brutal slammy death metal in vein of mighty Gorgasm, Putrid Pile or Insidious
  Decrepancy !!!
NTEY 028 release 09 / 2008 CD Italy in stock
  The Wither Process

  New ensemble acquired on the NTEY label. Based in the south off our borders, it is an
  energetic mixture of death and hardcore which seemingly resembles our PSG...
NTEY 027 release 09 / 2008 CD Austria out of stock

The second full CD of this czech grinding machine, perfect mix of death brutality, jumping HC
  together with many
 flageolets Czech DYING FETUS strikes back....
NTEY 026 release 07 / 2008 CD Czech out of stock

  Ignorance Supremacy

  Incredible Ultra Brutal Guttural Death Metal from Italy..In the vein of Pyaemia , Disavowed,
  Decapitated and Suffocation..

NTEY 025 release 03 / 2008 CD Italy out of stock

  The Art Of Sickness

New masterpiece of fucking brutal Death Metal from Spain...  Be ready for 30 minutes of
  slammy... brutality with excelent sound from this czech studio Shaark (Mucopus, Fleshless,
NTEY 024 release 01 / 2008 CD Spain in stock

  Chronic Disembowelment

Ultra BRUTAL GUTTURAL SLAM DEATH METAL from Oklahoma... Get ready for high
  quality, intense brutality with touch of GOREGRIND and guttural vocals in the Cephalotripsy,
  Guttural Engorgement  and mighty Devourment way..
NTEY 023 release 11 / 2007 CD USA out of stock

  Reciprocal Transfusion

  The CD will contain 10 Neckcrushing songs of Modern Death metal / MetalCore in the vein
  of Despised Icon, Napalm Death, Misery Index..

NTEY 022 release 02 / 2007 CD Czech out of stock

From The End To Inseminate

  Debut CD technical post apocalyptic dark/death brutality in the vein of Hate Eternal / Morbid
  Angel or early Cryptopsy with fantastic sound

NTEY 021 release 09 / 2007 CD USA out of stock