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CD...1O euro / 3OO Kč
MCD… 8 euro / 25O



Abdicate (Forget in Ruin) Brutal Slammy Death from USA
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/abdicate666

Assassinate the Following (Massacre of the..) MetalCore/deathcore from Canada
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/assassinatethefollowing

Perverse Dependence (Gruesome Forms..) Brutal Slammy US Death metal from Russia
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/perversedependence

Remnants of Flesh (Degenerated Human..) Brutal Death from Greece like Disavowed/Suffocation
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/remnantsofflesh

40% Gradi (Hi-tech Re-Search) Croatia Gore/Grind Core Massacre
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/40gradi

Paroxysm (Scars of the Art) Death metal in vein of Neuraxis/Cryptopsy from Canada
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/paroxysmqc

Murder Intentions (A Prelude to Total Decay) Belgium Brutal US Death Metal
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/murderintentions

Israfel (Chainsaw Gynecology) USA BRutal Death Metal like Mucopus/Skinless
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/israfelmetal

Hate (Morphosis) Poland Death metal Masters
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/hatepoland

Infernal Revulsion (Dead But..) Japan Brutal Catchy Death metal
myspace: www.myspace.com/infernalrevulsion

Evil Darkness (Malignant Supremacy) Colombia Brutal Death Metal
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/evildarkness666

Lividity (To Desecrate and..) Brand New CD USA Sickos
myspace: www.myspace.com/lividity

Truculency (Eviscerate the..) USA Brutal Death metal
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/truculency

Hirax (El Rostro..) USA OLd School thrash Metal Legend
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/hirax


Coathanger Abortion (Dying Breed) Fucking Brutal Death from USA - Comatose Music
myspace: www.myspace.com/coathangerabortion

Stillbirth (Plakative Aggression) Germany Slammy Brutal Death in TX vein

Satans Revenge of Mankind (Supreme ..) Brand New CD (Digipack) Gore masters from Germany

Impactor (Prepare for Impact) Germany Old Scool thrash metal like Exhumer/Deathrow

Putrefy (One nation Under.) Ireland Brutal Death metal - Metal age

Awaiting the Autopsy (Couldnt Tell) Slammy Brutality from Germany - Amputated vein rec

Bodysnatch (Universe of Gory..) Switz Brutal Death

Cerebrum (Spectral Extravagance) Technical Death metal with Nile Drummer !!! - Lacerated enemy

Hiroshima Will Burn (To the Weight..) USA technical Death like Necrophagist / Origin -lacerated Enemy

Abaddon Incarnate (Cascade) Brutal DeathGrind from Ireland-Metal Age

Amputated (WADING Through..) UK Brutal Death Slammy New CD - Sevared

Prejudice (Megalomaniac..) Belgium Brutal Death like Dying Fetus / Suffocation - SFC rec


Sepsism (Distorting the Mortal..) USA Brutal Death Metal Brand New CD

Extirpating the Infected (Vaginal Saw..) Spain Ultra Brutal slammy Death metal

Formalin (tales from the Morgue) Russia Brutal Death metal

Engaged in Mutilation (Population : Zero) TX/USA Brutality

Sikfuk (Shitfisted Superman..) USA GoreGrind/Death metal New CD

Acephala (Infraction Cerebral..) Ukraine Brutal Death like Disgorge (USA), Cryptopsy..

Deathblow (First World..) TX/USA Brutality like Putrid Pile/I Decrepancy

Human Filleted (Packaged Human Meat) USA Brutal Death Metal

Ease of Disgust (The Shell) Russia DeathCore with vocalist of A Putridity

Pus Vomit (Degrade the..) Philippines Ultra Brutal Death like Devourment

Disastrous (Slavery of Disgusting..)Philippines Brutal Death like Disgorge (USA), Devourment

Mortal Agony (Doberman) Germany DeathCore/Grind

Disciples of Berkowitz (Chronicles) USA Death metal with members of Wasteform

Epitome (SupeROTic..) Poland Gore Grind Massacre New CD

Composted (Sexual Transmission..) UltraSlammy Death metal USA


Rottenness (Sickening Chronologie) Maxico Brutal Death metal
myspace: www.myspace.com/rottenness666

Vomepotro (Liturgy of Dissection) Brutal DeathGore from Brazil New CD
myspace: www.myspace.com/vomepotro
Decrepidemic (The Void of..) Portugal Brutal Slammy Death metal
myspace: www.myspace.com/decrepidemic

Asphyxiate (Anatomy of Prefect Bestiality) Brutal Death metal in US vein from Indonesia (New CD)
myspace: www.myspace.com/asphyxiateband

Burial (Divinity Through ..) Brand New CD..USA Brutality
myspace: www.myspace.com/burialmyspace
One Man Army and..(Kiling machine) Thash Death metal from Sweden
myspace: www.myspace.com/onemanarmyandtheundeadquartet

Fermento (Murder All) Spain masters of Brutal Death metal
myspace: www.myspace.com/fermento

Painful Defloration (Esthetic research..) Ukraine GrindCore death Metal
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/painfuldeflorationband

Ion Disruption (Troops of Eternal war) Belarus Brutal Death
myspace: www.myspace.com/iondisruption

Flesh Consumed (New Order of..) USA Brutal Death metal New CD
myspace: www.myspace.com/fleshconsumed


Barbarity (Grotesque Contradiction) Russia Brutal Gore Death from Russia
myspace: www.myspace.com/barbarity

Blaze Inside (Pure Potenciality) Colombia Brutal DeathGrind
myspace: www.myspace.com/blazeinside

Drowning in Phemaldehyde (Blistering Corpse..) USA Slammy Brutal Death metal
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/drowninginphemaldehyde

Posthumous Blasphemer (Fracture the..) Russia Brutal Death metal like S of Possession/V BLeeding
myspace: www.myspace.com/pblasphemerband

Inzest (Grotesque New World) Austria Brutal DeathCore like M Index/Suffocation
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/inzest

Bombnation (H.a.z.m.a.t.) Canada Old School thrash metal like Sodom/Exhumer/Possessed
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/bombnation

Incantation (Primordial Domination) USA Cult Death metal New CD
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/incantation

Embryonic Depravity / Gorevent (UK vs.Japan) Brutal Split CD Both bands brutal Death metal
Malebolgia (Requiem for..) USA Brutal technical death like Origin/Necrophagist
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/malebolgia

Leng´tche (Marasmus) Belgium GrindCore Massacre
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/lengtche

Daggerspawn (Suffering..) Serbia Brutal Death like Suffocation/D Fetus
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/officialdaggerspawn


Cesspool of Vermin (Beastial Necrophilia) USA Brutal Fucking Death metal
myspace: www.myspace.com/cesspoolofvermin

Human Mastication (Grotesque Mastication..) UltraBrutal Death Slamm from Philippines
myspace: www.myspace.com/humanmastication

Suffocation (Suffocation) Masters of Brutal Death metal from USA
myspace: www.myspace.com/suffocation

Cephalic Carnage (Xenosapien) New CD Brutal Technical Grind Death from USA
myspace: www.myspace.com/cephaliccarnage

Abysmal Dawn (Programmed to Consume) USA New technical Brutality on Relapse rec.
myspace: www.myspace.com/abysmaldawn

Origin (Antithesis) USA Brutal Technical Death metal
myspace: www.myspace.com/origin666

Dying Fetus (War of Atrition) Brutal Death Metal from USA last CD
myspace: www.myspace.com/dyingfetus

Regurgitate (Sickening Bliss) Masters of GORE from Sweden
myspace: www.myspace.com/regurgitate

Man Must Die (The Human Condition) Brutal Technical Death from Scotland
myspace: www.myspace.com/manmustdie

Waco Jesus (Sex Drugs and deathmetal) Brand New CD Fucking great Grind Death from IL / USA
myspace: www.myspace.com/wacojesus

Mental Demise (Final Step to..) Ukraine Brutal Death metal like S O Possession/ Deeds of Flesh
myspace: www.myspace.com/psychopenetration

Putrevore (Morphed from..) Brutal Death metal from Sweden/Spain
myspace: www.myspace.com/putrevore

Infinite Defilement (Disgorging Humanity) USA Brutal Slamm Death metal like P Pile
myspace: www.myspace.com/infinitedefilemnt

Mumakil (Customized Warfare) Switzerland Grind Core Machine
myspace: www.myspace.com/mumakil

Necronomicon (Revenge of the Beast) Cult Thrash metal band from Germany w/ New CD
myspace: www.myspace.com/possessedbythrash

Shades of Dusk (Quiscence) DeathCore from canada like All Shall Perish / D Icon
myspace: www.myspace.com/shadesofdusk

Dementor (Faithless) Brand New Cd Slovakian AntiChristianity Death metal
myspace: www.myspace.com/dementorsk

Horde Casket (Landscape of Cadavers) TX/USA Brutal Death metal
myspace: www.myspace.com/hordecasket

Days of Betrayal (Decapitated for..) Death metal in vein of Aborted
myspace: www.myspace.com/daysofbetrayal

Carmina (Carmina) Death metal from France like Immolation / M Angel
myspace: www.myspace.com/carminagrind

Disaster (The Battle ..) France GrindDeath metal
myspace: www.myspace.com/disaster78


Inzest (Grotesque New World) DeathCore from Austria..Fucking great CD..like old D Fetus/M Index
myspace: www.myspace.com/inzest

Repulsive Dissection (Murder-Suicide) Brutal Death Metal like Disavowed, Deeds of Flesh from Ukraine
myspace: www.myspace.com/repulsivedissection

Infertile Surrogacy (Postulate Of..) Ultra Brutal Death like Devourment / Cephalotripsy
myspace: www.myspace.com/infertilesurrogacy

Corporectomy (Within the..) Fucking Brutal from Germany like Liturgy/Brodequin
myspace: www.myspace.com/corporectomy

Disagree (The ART OF Bloody..) Indonesia Modern Death Metal
myspace: www.myspace.com/disagreemusic

F.O.B.(The Dice) Bramd New CD Modern DeathMetalcore from Czech rep.
myspace: www.myspace.com/fobmetal

Furze (Trident Autocrat ) Norway Black metal
myspace: www.myspace.com/frzs

Ivebeenshot (Doza) Technical DeathCore from USA like Despised Icon/ C Carnage

Mila Ayuhara (The Malodorousness..) Brutal DeathCore from Germany

Human Effluence (Mass Engorgement) USA Brutal Gore Death metal like katalepsy / A Putridity etc
myspace: www.myspace.com/humaneffluencetx

Egemony (Baptism of the..) Brutal Death metal like Putrid Pile / I Decrepancy from Italy
myspace: www.myspace.com/egemony

Splatterhouse (The House That..) USA Gory Death metal like Impaled / Exhumed etc..Great !!!!
myspace: www.myspace.com/splatterhouse

Ex-Dementia (Thou Shall ..) USA Death metal like Autopsy / Impetigo / Macabre
myspace: www.myspace.com/exdementia

Eat the Living (Braiinns) USA Zombie thrash/death metal with female vocals
myspace: www.myspace.com/eattheliving


Gorepot (Happy Hour) Ultra-Brutal Death metal from Taiwan
myspace: www.myspace.com/gorepot

Feastem (Fear In Concrete) Finland Fucking Great GrindCore like Old Rotten Sound
myspace: www.myspace.com/feastem

Hirax (Not Dead Yet) Thrash metal legend from USA
myspace: www.myspace.com/hirax

Gaf (Mongofied) Gore Grind from Finland
myspace: www.myspace.com/gafband

Dr.Doom/Collision (Split CD) GrindCore Assault
myspace: www.myspace.com/scrotumjusrecs

Biosick (Oneeleven) Brutal Death metal from Switzerland
myspace: www.myspace.com/biosick

Corporectomy (Within The Weak.) Brutal Death from Germany like Liturgy/Devourment
myspace: www.myspace.com/corporectomy

Putrescence (Sledgehammer Holocaust) Canada GoreGrind
myspace: www.myspace.com/putrescence

Gruesome Stuff Relish (Horror from..) Gore Metal Grind from Spain
myspace: www.myspace.com/gruesomestuff

Seborrhea (Different Segments..) Latvia GrindCore like S Bowels/D Infection/Jig-Ai
myspace: www.myspace.com/seborrhea

Collide (All That Oppress) Latvia Old Scool Thrash metal like Sodom/Kreator/Exhumer
myspace: www.myspace.com/collidemetal

Slaughter Brute (Excellent Meat) Brutal Death from Ukraine
myspace: www.myspace.com/slaughterbrute

Sickcunt (Same) Russia GoreSlammyDeath metal
myspace: www.myspace.com/sickcuntru

Irate Architect (Visitors) Germany Brutal DeathGrind like D Fetus/ M Index / C Carnage
myspace: www.myspace.com/iratearchitect

Psychopatic Terror (Fucker) Brutal Death metal from Finland
myspace: www.myspace.com/psychopathicterrorofficial

Blasphemer (On the Inexistence..) Brutal Slammy Death from Italy
myspace: www.myspace.com/blasphemerbrutal

Cephalic Impurity (Perverted..) Russia Slammy Death metal
myspace: www.myspace.com/cephalicimpurity

Purulent Jacuzzi (Stench of..) Slamming Gore grind from Russia
myspace: www.myspace.com/pjacuzzi

Jack Slater (Blut/Macht/Frei) Germany Brutal Death metal
myspace: www.myspace.com/jackslater666

Post Mortem (Constant Hate) Germany Thrash/Death metal New CD
myspace: /www.myspace.com/postmortem1

13.12 08

Spasm (Parahilic Elegies) CZ masters of GOREGRIND New CD
myspace: www.myspace.com/spasmgrind

Animals Killing People (Kentucky Fried Killing) USA Brutal Gory Death metal Brand new CD
myspace: www.myspace.com/animalskillingpeople

Dysentery (From Past..) USA Slammy Brutal Death New CD
myspace: www.myspace.com/dysenterygrind

Sordid Clot (Tuber) 1000% Goregrind Massare Russia
myspace: www.myspace.com/sordidclotgrind

Ghouls (Until It Bleeds) Fucking Gore Death metal like Exhumed/Impaled/Lord Gore
myspace: www.myspace.com/demonghouls

Carnal Diafragma (Preparation..) Re-issue CD with bonus traxs (CZ Grind)
myspace: www.myspace.com/carnaldiafragma

Incesticide (Same) Brutal Death from Germany like Suffocation/D Fetus
myspace: www.myspace.com/incesticide666

Thelema (Fearful Symmetry) Technical Death metal Russia
myspace: www.myspace.com/telemaband

Eden Beast (Passivity causes..) Brutal Slammy Death metal Italy
myspace: www.myspace.com/edenbeastdeathmetal

Desecration (Forensix) UK Brand New CD Brutal Death metal..Killer CD
web: www.desecration.co.uk

Eliminator (Breaking the Wheel) Thrash metal from USA in Slayer/M Waste/Destruction way
myspace: www.myspace.com/eliminatorus

26.11 08

Criminal Element (Guilty As..) USA Brutal Death with members of D Fetus / Suffocation and M Index
myspace: www.myspace.com/criminalelement

Mortally Infected (The Age of..) Slovakia Brutal Death like old Disgorge (US)
myspace: www.myspace.com/mortallyinfected  

Carnagia (Blood Machine) Colombia Brutal US death metal
myspace: www.myspace.com/carnagia

Goreobscenity (Macabre Violent..) Colombia Brutal Slammy Death metal
myspace: www.myspace.com/goreobscenity  

Blastmasters (Twisted Metal) USA/Florida Brutal DeathGrind
web: www.deathgasm.com

Dementor (the Art of) / Heatshead (We hail) two releases  on one CD -Slovakia Brutality
web: www.plastichead.com

Hearse (Armageddon Mon..) Sweden Death Metal
web: www.hearse.se

Angel Dust (Of Human Bondage) Old School Thrash metal Legend
web: www.angel-dust.de

Abominant (Warblast) USA Thrash/death metal Classic New CD
web: www.abominant.da.ru

Dead For Days (Disassociated from..) USA Brutal Slam Death metal New CD
myspace: www.myspace.com/deadfordays

Archaeon (Vanitas) USA Brutal Technical death like Necrophagist/D Birth
myspace: www.myspace.com/archaeonband

Lividity (Live Fornication) US Masters of Porn Brutality on Live CD
web: www.epitome.com

Incinerate (Anatomize) USA New CD Brutal Death metal
myspace: www.myspace.com/incinerateus

RaptureChrist (Molesting the..) USA Brutal Slammy Death
web: www.rapturechrist6.com

Abnormyn Deffect (Betwin) Technical Death/grincore like C Carnage
myspace: www.myspace.com/abnormyndeffect

9th Plague (Apocatastasis ..) Brutal satanic Death metal like Incantation/Immolation
myspace: www.myspace.com/9thplague

Carnal Decay (Chopping..) Switzerland New CD - Brutal US Death metal
myspace: www.myspace.com/carnaldecay  

Intestinal Alien reflux (Exogenocide) USA Brutal Death metal
myspace: www.myspace.com/sevaredrecords  

01.11 08

Unleashed (..And the Laughter..) 4 Demos from 1990-1991 Sweden death metal cult
Exhumer (Bloodcurdling too..) Italy Fucking brutal death
myspace: www.myspace.com/exhumer
Sapremia (With Winter..) USA brutal death like M Creation/Lividity
myspace: www.myspace.com/sapremia
Diluvian (Inhumanity Remains) france Brutal death metal/Core
Rupture Christ (Molesting the..) USA Brutal death
web: www.rupturechrist6.com
Corpsefucking Art (Zombiefuck) Brand new CD brutal death from Italy
Turn Back Time (Turn Back..) Italy thrashcore like M waste
Uprise (IconocLasm)CZ brand new CD Grindcore as fuck
Begging for Incest (Awaiting thr..) Germany slammy Brutality
Gore (In Sickness..) Brazilian gore grind attack
web: www.dfl-productions.com
Pathology Stench (Meatall) Slovakian brutal death metal New CD
web: www.pathologystench.sk
Cerebral Turbulency (Segregace k nule) CZ grindcore masters
bandzone: www.bandzone.cz/cerebralturbulency
Nepente (Atonements) Death metal with black elements
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/nepente

Unburied (Slut Decapitator) USA brutal death
Dead Infection(Dead singles collection) Polish masters of Goregrind
Stigmatized (Becoming unique)Germany death metal like Death/Necrophagist
Fate is Dying (Your Inability) Very cool Metalcore
As Gravity Fades (What Lies Beneath) Metalcore with female vocals
No Souls Lost (Hostis Humani Generis)Canada deathcore with touch of C. Carnage
Hatred (Dark Trauma)Greece thrash metal
Pesta Porcina(Tots  Trempant) Spain gore grindcore
Gorevent (Abnormal Exaggeration) Brutal slammy death from japan like Cephalotripsy

26.09 08

Separatist (The Motionless Apocalypse) Brutal DeathCore from Australia
myspace: www.myspace.com/separatist

Splattered Mermaids (Stench of Flesh) DeathGrind from Sweden
myspace: www.myspace.com/splatteredmermaids

Diorrhea (B-XVI) GrindCore Tornado
myspace: www.myspace.com/diorrhea

Parental Advisory (The Wither Process) Brutal Slammy Death from Australia
myspace: www.myspace.com/parentaladvisorydeathmetal

Agorhy (Ruptura) Brazil GrindCore/death
myspace: www.myspace.com/agorhy

Devast (Art of Extermination) Brutal Technical death like Necrophagist from Algeria (Africa)
myspace: www.myspace.com/deepsendrecords

Being Killed(Kill Yourself) New CD-Brutal Death from USA
myspace: www.myspace.com/beingkilled

Clearwater DeathBlow (Parasite Cleansing) Ultrafast DeathGrind from Canada like old Cryptopsy/Neuraxis
myspace: www.myspace.com/clearwaterdeathblow

Destructive Explosion of Anal Garland (Gutterclit) Gore grind with Jig-Ai members SICK !!
web: www.bizarreleprous.cz

Carnal Decay (Chopping Off the Dead) UltraBrutal Death from Switzerland

Die You (Antagonist) Brutal Death from Spain
myspace: www.myspace.com/dieyouband

Infected Brain (The Ascension of..) Brutality from Spain in the vein like Putrid Pile
myspace: www.myspace.com/fleshinfected

Deny the Urge (Blackbox Of Human..) Germany Fucking Great Death metal
myspace: www.myspace.com/denytheurge

Perversity (Beyond the Reach..) Slovakia New CD Brutal Death like Immolation/Incantation
myspace: www.myspace.com/perversityband

Mizar (Emotherapy) GrindCore like old N Death from Slovakia
myspace: www.myspace.com/mizargrind

Kataplexia (Supreme Authority) Finland Brutal US Death Metal
myspace: www.myspace.com/kataplexia

28.08 08

Banishment (Cleansing the Infirm) US Brutal Death Metal
mypsace: www.myspace.com/banishmentdeathmetal

Abhorred Despiser (Was Raped) Indonesia Brutal Death

Collapse Within (Worldwide Extinction) Italy Brutal Slammy Death
mypsace: www.myspace.com/collapsewithin

Artery Erruption / Inhuman Dissiliency (Festering Fuckhole) US Brutality Split CD
mypsace: www.myspace.com/sevaredrecords

Porkafarm (Blood Harvest) UK Brutal DeathGrind
mypsace: www.myspace.com/porkfarm

Purgatory (Cultus Luciferi) Germany Brand New CD Death Metal
mypsace: www.myspace.com/purgatory666deathmetal

Defloration (Necrotic Nightmare) Germany Brand New CD Brutal US Death metal
web: www.defloration-deathmetal.de

Mendeed (The Dead Live..) Melodic DeathThrash metal - Nuclear Blast
mypsace: www.myspace.com/mendeed

Mental Horror (Blamished Redemption) Brazil Death metal like Krisiun

Cadaveric Crematorium (GrindPeace) Italy Brand New CD DeathGrind
mypsace: www.myspace.com/cadavericcrematorium

Death Heaven (Viral Apocalypse) Italy Death Metal Holocaust
mypsace: www.myspace.com/deathheavenofficial

Tard (Disgorging..)Canada Slammy Technical Brutality with Female Vocalist (fucking BRUTAL !)

Disfigured (Blistering..) TX/USA Brutal Death Metal New CD
web: www.comatosemusic.com

Sardonic (Symptomaniac) Germany Death Grind
web: http://www.myspace.com/sardonicmetal

Epicedium (Intoxicated..) Germany Brutal Technical Death Metal
mypsace: www.myspace.com/epicediumgermany

Embryotomy (Disassemble the Dethroned) Moldavia Brutal Death Metal
mypsace: www.myspace.com/embryotomy

Putrefying Cadaverment (Necrosadistic..) US Brutal Slammy Death
mypsace: www.myspace.com/putrefyingcadaverment

Diabolical (Chaos in Hell) US Satanic Death metal

web: NO WEB

Bokrug (Ancient Horrors..) Brutal Death metal
web: www.bokrug.esp.st

Venereal Mesiah (decorations..) USA Brutal Gore Death metal
web: www.sevared.com

Kraanium (Then Acts of..) Brutal Slammy Death from Norway
mypsace: www.myspace.com/kraanium

One Man Army and..(Error in Evolution) Great Thrash Death metal 

20.07 08

Belef (Infection Purification) Ultra Brutal Black metal from France
myspace: www.myspace.com/belefband

Ribspreader (Congreegation The Sick) Death Metal in vein of Grave/Dismember from Sweden
myspace: www.myspace.com/serenityinobscenity

Reincarnation (Seed of Hate/Void) Cult Spain Brutal Death metal Both CD on One Disc
myspace: www.myspace.com/reincarnation77

Manatark (Crimson Hours) Estonia Melodic Death metal
web: www.manatark.com

Callenish Circle (Forbidden Empathy) Holland masters of Death Thrash metal
myspace: www.myspace.com/callenishcircle

Jig - Ai (Katana Orgy) CZ new CD Gore Grind
myspace: www.myspace.com/jigaigore

Opitz / Rubufaso Mukufo (CZ Split CD of Grind Core)
web: www.khaaranus.wz.cz

Hirax (Thrash and Destroy) USA Masters of Tharsh metal DVD
web: www.selfmadegod.com

Oerjgrinder (Grind my Bitch) Belgium GoreGrind
myspace: www.myspace.com/oerjgrinder

Voetsek (Infernal Coimmand) USA Thrash / Hardcore / Punk
myspace: www.myspace.com/voetsekthrashers

Blustery Caveat (Payback in Brutality) Greece Brutal Death metal
myspace: www.myspace.com/blusterycaveat

Slavebreed (Pain Syndicate) Greece Brutal DeathGrind
myspace: www.myspace.com/slavebreed

Demented Retarded (Both Cd on One) Goregrind/death CZ
myspace: www.myspace.com/dementedretarded

SpermBloodShit (Polar Torsion..) GrindGore from Italy
myspace: www.myspace.com/spermbloodshit

Dead Infection (Human Slaughter..Till Remains (Re-Issue Demos) Cult GoreGrind from Poland
myspace: www.myspace.com/deadinfection

08.07 08

Eviscerated (same) USA Brutal Technical Death metal

Head Crusher (I felt This Before) Modern Death metal from Colombia

Cyanosis (Conceiving Abhorrence) Brutal Slammy Death metal from USA
myspace: www.myspace.com/cyanosisband

The Kill (Hate Session 2000 - 2002) Australia Brutal Gore Grind
myspace: www.myspace.com/thekillgrind

Poostew (Miserycordia) Germany GrindCore
myspace: www.myspace.com/poostew

Antigama / Drugs / Faith (3 ways Split CD) Grindcore Assault
web: www.selfmadegod.com

Foul Stench (The Bone) USA Death/Gore in vein of Exhumed/Terrorizer
myspace: www.myspace.com/foulstench

Epicrise (Twins Contraception) Ukraine Gore Masters New CD
myspace: www.myspace.com/epicrise

Poppy Seed Grinder (Humanophobia) Czech Brutal Death metal Brand new CD
myspace: www.myspace.com/poppyseedgrinder

Galgamesh (Last Breath of.) UltraBrutal Death metal from Indonesia

04.07 08

Disdained (We All Reek) Brutal Death Metal from Serbia
myspace: www.myspace.com/disdainedserbia
Moulded Flesh (In the Hands of Evil) Poland Death Metal Attack
myspace: www.myspace.com/mouldedflesh

Splitter / FUBAR (Split CD) GrindCore Tornado
myspace: www.myspace.com/poweritupofficial

Putrescence (Fatal White..) GoreGoreGrind
myspace: www.myspace.com/poweritupofficial
Garcharot (Core of Despair) Old School Death Metal
myspace: www.myspace.com/garcharot
Depression / Paganizer (Split CD) Germany GrindCore vs.Sweden Death Metal
The Monolith Deathcult (The White Crenatorium) Holland Death Metal
myspace: www.myspace.com/themonolithdeathcult

Ruins (Spun Forth..) Brutal Death Metal like Immolation
web: www.ruinsband.com

SkullCollector (Depravity..) Brutal Death metal in US vein
myspace: www.myspace.com/thedarklowerskullcollector

Cliteater (Scream Bloody Clit) Holland masters of GoreGrind New CD
Abominable Putridity (In the..) Russian Answer to Disgorge/Deeds Of Flesh New CD
myspace: www.myspace.com/abominableputridity

Putrid Inbred (Scavenger) Belgium  US Brutal Death vein
Inveracity (Extermination..) Greece New CD Brutal Death metal
myspace: www.myspace.com/inveracity

Misery Index / Mumakil (Split CD) Great Fucking Death/GrindCore from USA and Switzerland

15.05 08

Abacinate (Ruination) Brand new CD ..US Slammy Death metal
Dismembered Fetus (Demos 1996/97) Legendary Brutal Gore DeathGrind from USA
Cardiac Arrest (Cadaverous Presence) USA Gory Death metal like Impetigo/Macabre
Long Pig (Barren) UltraFast Grind Core from Hungary
Fleshless (Hate Is Born) Brand New CD Brutal Death metal CZ
Paroxysm (..alles Kann..) Germany GoreGrindCore
EytoFuck/Putrid Whore (Split CD) Fucking awesome Gore vs.ElectroGoreGrind
Sound of Detestation (Same) DeathCore from Australia
BeyounTerrorBeyoundGrace (Same) Ultrafast Grind Core from Australia like Ingrowing/Roten Sound
Pathology (Incisions..) Brand New CD..Brutal US Death metal
Carcass (Misshapen Operation) UK legend of Gore with old stuffs
typhoid (Disfigured By..)Slovakia Brutal US Death metal like D Fetus/Deeds of Flesh/Disgorge
Dying Purity (Phases of.)Turkey Ultra Brutal Death metal like Suffocation/Disavowed
Gortuary (Manic Thoughts..) USA Brutal Death metal


Prostitute Disfigurement (Descendants Of Depravity) Lim.edition CD plus DVD Brutal Death New CD
CORPUS MORTALE (A New Species Of Deviant) CD with Limited Slipcase Death Metal Denmark
Sickening Horror (When Landscapes Bled Backwards) Brutal Death Metal limited Slipcase
Disavowed (Stagnated Existence) Back in Stock limited slipcase
Visceral Bleeding (Absorbing The Disarray) Back in Stock limited slipcase
Holocausto Cannibal (Visceral Massacre..) Brutal Fucking DeathGore from Portugal
Fleshgore (Wake Up for Freedom) Brand new CD  Ukraine Brutal Slammy Death with modern element
VX / Oneroid Blood Pressure/demon Baptized (Split 3 ways) Monolith Guttural Sickness
Dismal Lapse (The Nameless faceless) USA Brutal Death like Deeds of Flesh/Necrophagist
Unconsecrated (Unconsecrated Cemetery) Death metal like old Grave/Entombed/Unleashed Fucking great Old School
Dawn Of Demise (Hate Takes Its Form) Denmark Brutal Death metal
Inhearted (deduced to Purgatory) Death metal in Sweden way
Embryonic Devourment (Fear of..) USA Brand New CD Fucking Brutality
Emeth (Telesis) Belgium Brutal Death metal New CD (Digipack edition)


Hymen Holocaust (Hymen Holocust) Holland GoreGrind Masters New CD
Captain Cleanoff (Discography 1998-2001) Grind Core As Fuck
MotorBreath/Von Boom (Split CD) Crust Grind Core
Androphagous / Toxic Revolution (Split CD) Fucking fast GrindCore
Consume (They Shall Suffer) Turkey Brutal Death Metal
Cidesphere (Interment) Turkey Death Metal
Decimation (Entering the..) Turkey Brutal Death metal
Nettlethrone (Dissonant Pregression) Turkey Death metal like kataklysm
Pukelization (Storm of..) japan Death/Grind Core
Viscera Infest (sarcoidosis) japan Gore Grind


Infanticide (Extinction Scheme) Sweden Fucking great GrindCore like Rotten Sound
Denial Field (They Rise) USA Death metal with members from ex-Massacre/Obituary/SF Under(with DVD)
Nervo Chaos (Qvarrel In Hell) Brazil Death metal Inferno
Hell-Born (Curse Infernal Steel) Poland New CD Death/black metal
Estuary (The Craft of..) USA Death metal New CD
Cease of Breeding) Brutal Slammy Death like Disgorge/Deeds of Flesh
Hipermenorea (Lyphhadenectomy..) Gore Grind from Mexico
Exit Wounds (17 Wounds of Exit) GrindCore as Hell
Die Pigeon Die (Ripped from..) Grind Core massacre
Psychobolia (Fisting You All) Brutal Death from France with brutal female vocals-extreme
Muerte Villa (La Conquista) DeathGrind like Assesino/Brujeria
Putrefied (Gore-Ific) Holland Brand New CD Brutal Death metal
Flesh Consumed (Mutilate Eviscerate..) USA Brutal Slammy Death New CD
Masochist (Negativity) USA Brutal Death metal DigiPack
Excruciate (Bound and gagged) Australia Brutal Death metal
Death Mechanism (Human Error..) Italy Fucking Great Thrash metal like old Assasin/Kreator
Human Filleted (Hideous Sculptures..) USA Brutal Death metal
Soulburner (When Sanity..) Mexico devastating Death metal
Pyuria (Oubliette Ontology) Finland Brutal Technical Death metal
Kathaarsys (Portait of Wind.) Technical Thrash/death/doom from Spain
Alfa Eridano Arhernar (Aberrant Hate..) Mexico Satanic Death/Black metal
Caustic (The Horror Cult) Fucking Awesome Brutal Death like Old Cryptopsy
Ancient Necropsy (Apocalyptic Empire) New CD of this Colombian Brutality
Chuck Schuldiner (Zero Tolerance) Technical Death metal CULT !!!!
Centinex (Decadence -Prophecies..) Sweden Death Metal Cult
Glut ! (Origen De Tragedia) Spain Gore Slammy Death metal
Migrena (My Turn) Mix Between Grind Core and ThrashCore
Throneum (The Unholy Ones) Poland Black Metal (Old school like Hellhammer)
Goregast (La Revancha) Germany GrindGore
Devilyn (XI) Poland Death metal Inferno (UNique Leader)
Stillness Blade (The First dark..) Death Metal from USA like old M CReation / V Remains
Blockheads (Shapes of Misery) France GrindCore Asault
Raspatul (Devils in..) Death metal


Seeking Obscure (Same) USA Death metal
gallileous (Passio Et..) Ultra Funeral Doom metal
Holy Death (Sodomy of Megido) Poland Old school Black like old ROOT/HELLHAMMER
Ferosity (Overthrow Divinity) Poland Death metal
Ketzer (The Rise of..) Poland Death metal like Incantation/Immolation
Trocki (Pernament Revolution) Grandcore as Fuck like Napalm Death
Paranoia (Samë) Poland Gore grind in vein of LDOH / CBT or Libido Airbag (old)
Holy Death (The Knight..) Old school Black like old ROOT/HELLHAMMER
Absent (Audi..Vide..) Poland Death metal like Vader/Behemoth
Headhunter DC (Gods Spreading..) Brazil Brutal Death like Krisiun
Volturyon (Blood Cure) Sweden Brutal Death
Retalliation (Enticing) Germany DeathMetal Core
Japanische Kamfhorspielle (1998 - 2002) Germany GrindCore Death metal
Feast for the Crows (When all..) Germany DeathMetal Core like Hatebreed
GrindMinded (Domestic Violence) Holland Fucking awesome Death metal like old Gorefest
Downlord  (Random Dictionary) Death metal with ex-vocalist from Benediction
Cliteater (Clit em all) Back in stock Goregrind from Holland
Cliteater (Eat Clit or Die) Back in stock Goregrind from Holland
Sinister (Afterburner)  Holland masters of Death metal
Detrimentum (Embracing..) UK Evil Death metal with fucking brutal vocals


Obscene Gesture (Living in Profanity) old school Thrashcore like N Asasault, SOD, Anthrax from USA
Unreal Overflows (Architecture..) Technical Death Metal in the vein of DEATH, CYNIC, ATHEIST, PESTILENCE
Deathevocation (The Chalice..) old school Death Metal band from California / ASPHYX, BOLT THROWER  style
Goretrade (Perception of Hate) Fucking awesome Brutal Death from Colombia (like Cryptopsy/Suffocation)
Atrophy (Socialized Hate) Old School Thrash metal Reedice
Disincarnate (Dreams of the..) USA Death metal Cult !!!
Atrophy (Violent by nature) Old School Thrash metal Reedice
Toxik (World Circus) Old School Thrash metal Reedice
Toxik (Think This) Old School Thrash metal Reedice
Sadus (Swallowed in Black) One of biggest Cult of Deaththrash metal from USA with bonus tracks
Sadus (Illusions) One of biggest Cult of Deaththrash metal from USA with bonus traxs
Sadus (A Vision of Misery ) One of biggest Cult of Deaththrash metal from USA with DVD as bonus
Sexcrement (Genitales..) USA Fucking Brutal Death metal
Metal King (Any Warrior..) Thrash metal from South America


Lecherous Nocturne (Adoration of the Blade) USA Death metal like old M Angel/Immolation

Vulgar Pigeons (BurningEpisode) 1000% GrindCore Attack
Insidious Decrepancy (Texas Tormenting Tokyo) DVD 400 kč/15 euro
Goreinhaled (The Art of..) Spain Brutal Death metal like Dehumanized/Inveracity
Being Killed (Masacre of the Living) USA BRutal Death metal
Nailshitter (from the Bowels..) Brutal US Death metal
Necrotorture (Blood Feast) Italy Brutal Slam Death metal
Clitoridus Invaginatus (Putrid Pussy..) Italy Gore Death metal like Putrid Pile
Veneral Disease (Superior Supremacy) Germany New CD..Super Death like M Creation/Suffocation/Vader
Execration (Infernal Annihilation) USA Brutal Death metal
Cumbeast (Gourment of All..) One of best SlammyDeath CD at this moment !!! New CD from Finland
Proteus (Personal Narrative..) USA Brutal Technical Slammy Death
Infest (Feel The Rage) France Fucking UltraGrindCore like Ingrowing/Inhumate..Sick
Fractured Insanity (When Mankind..) Brutal Death metal from Belgium (Like Disavowed/Deeds of Flesh)
Infinited Hate (Orchestra of Sickness) Brand New CD ..Brutal Death with members of Sinister
Electric Spawn (Noosferic) Thrash/Death Mexico
Malodorous (Amaranthine Redolence) USA Brutal Slammy Death
Lust (Possessed) Thrash metal old school
Oxized Razor / Meatknife (Split CD) Gore Grind
Black Torment (Satanic Holocaust) Thrash/Black metal Old school
Amagotis (Pre-Natal..) Switzerland Death Slammy
Fractured (Words Collapses) Death metal
EvilEntourage (Dominion) Mexico Brutal Death like Krisiun /Reabellium
Finstertost (Weltenkraft) Germany.. Mix between Fintroll/Arch Enemy
FastKill (Nuclear Thrashing..) Old school thrash like Destruction/Kreator
Nothingness (Amongs the Nebula) Mexico Death like Morbid Angel /Incanation
serberus (Our Dying..) Melodic Death metal
Chain Collector (The masquarade) Death Metal
My Darkest Hour (Combat Area) Germany Death metal
My Darkest Hour (At War) CD plus DVD
Headshot (Emotional Overload) THrash/Death metal
Daymares (cant Get..) Grindcore Rock n Roll like MTumour
Blood I Bleed (High Octane..) Grind Core Massacre
Security Threat (The Truth..) GrindCore
Midget Parade (Idiosyncratic..) GrindCore
Huevo Duro (In Cock we Trust) Gore Grind Russia
Vulvetomy (Putrescent..) Death Slammy like Putrid Pile from Italy
Endless Gloom (Corpscorporation) Death Metal
Cenotaph (Reincarnation in..) Turkey Grind Death (New CD)
Catafalc (Pain Performance) Brutal Death
Incinerator (Moves To..)Brutal Death metal
Deterioration (The Killing..) USA Brutal Death metal
Waking the Cadaver (Perverse..) USA Fucking Brutal Death metal
Sufferage (Everlasting Enmity) Germany Brutal Death New Cd
Psychotic Homicidal Dismemberment (Pulverizing..) Gore Death like Mortician
Atrocious Abnormality (Echoes of the Rotting) USA Brutal Death metal
Evisecerated (Gorging on Rotting..) Slammy Brutality from TX/USA
Down From the Wound (Agony Through..) Phillippines answer on Devourment
Beautiful Cafilery (Reciprocal Transfusion) CZ New CD DeathCore Mosh
Maniac (From Suffering)  Death Metal in the SF Under vein (old)
Abacinate/God-Rot (Split CD) Brutal Death from USA
Demigod (Let ChaosPrevail.) Death metal Cult with New CD
Hirax (Chaos and Brutality) USA Thrash Metal Cult MCD
Poolside at The Flea,ingo (This Will End..) USA Brutal Death/Grind like C Carnage
Abrasive (Awakening of Lust) Germany Brutal Death like Payemia/Suffocation
Incarnated (Some Old Stories) Poland msters of GoreGrind
Human Excoriation (Virulent Infestation) USA fucking Brutal Death
Devourment (Molesting the Decapitated) Slammy Cult from TX/USA (re-press)
Dark Faith (Terrains Vagues) USA Black/Death Metal
Antigama / Sickbag (Split CD) Poland vs. France GrindCore
EOS (End of Days) Germany Death metal
Fatality (Closer to Hell) CZ Brutal Death metal New CD
Disembowled Corpse (Chronical Disembowelment) USA Brutal Slammy Death
Avulsed (Yearning for..) Spain Brutal Death Metal (DigiPack)
Animal Hate(...A Witch Shall Be Born) CZ Death Metal
TheGalvinWilhelMillerQuartet (Same) Mix Between C Carnage/ D Fetus/D E Plan
Raides Torcidas (Digital Metal Flesh) Brutal Death like Disgorge/Gorgasm with DVD like bonus
Rompeprop (Menstrual Stomphulk) Holland Gore Masters
Screaming Afterbirth / Stoma (Split CD) US DeathGrind vs. Holland GoreGrind
Depressive Reality (Las Sombras) CZ Death Metal with brutal female vocals
Stickoxydal (Obsetrical Collection) Belarus Gore GrindCore  - New CD
Unmerciful (Unmercifully Beaten) US Brutal Death metal
Internal Suffering (Awakening of the..) Colombia Brutal US Death
Trauma (DetrermiNation) Poland Brutal Death metal
Extremely Rotten Flesh (The End) Colombia Guttural Slam Death
Burning Butthairs (Impulse To Exhume) Germany Gore Death like Exhumed
Moonfog (cadaveric Changes) Slovakia Brutal US death metal
Cremaster (Pumpernifel) POland GoreR N Roll like M Tumour/Gronibard
Necrotic Flesh (Gore Gourment) Brutal Death metal from Germany
Cuttered Flesh (Torture is Medicide) CZ Brutal Guttural Death metal
Despised Icon (consumed by Yours..) Canada Brutal Fucking Death metal
Pyrexia (Age of the Wicked) US Brutal Death Metal New CD
Ebonmortis (Reconstruction by Force) Death/thrash metal
Downlord (Random Dictionary..) US Death metal in vein of old Gorefest
Necrodemon (Ice Fields..) 100% Death metal
Sapremia (Hollow) Brutal Death ala Malevolent Creation/Broken Hope
Atrocity (Conaminated) US Death metal Cult like old Autopsy/Death/Terrorizer
Virulent Blessing (..As Creativity Turns..) FinlandBrutal Technical Death
Cutted WithBrokenGlass (Beaten.) Fucking Brutal GoreGrind
Devoured Regurgitation (Bones/Flesh..)Gore Grind like Rompeprop, Dead Infection
Bodies Lay Broken (Eximinous..) Super Gore/grind USA
Bodies Lay Broken (Discursive..) USA GoreGrind
Elbon Drop (I LOve Tupa..) Colombia Grind like Grinibard
Manos (Genocide) New CD of this Germany masters Grind/Thrash
Corprophemia (Arrived In Pieces) Canada Slammy Brutal Death
Gerbophilia (Militeratogene) Switzerland GoreGrind
A Tribute To POSSESSED (bands like Cannibal Corpse, Vader, Sinister- Digipack 
Nuctemeron (Procreator of Sin) Old School Death/thrash
Neuraxis (Trilateral Pregression) Canada Brutal Death
Phobia (Cruel) USA masters of GrindCore
Malignancy (Inhuman Grotesqueries) USA New CD..Brutal Death
Into The Gore (Bureau of Disgust) Super GrindCore like N.Death, Terorrizer
Delve (The Dead Amongst) Old school BlackThrash
Straighthate (grim Memories) GrindDeath from Greece
Deceit (Mass cultural Obliteration) Switz Grindcore
VX/Abnormy Deffect (Split CD) slammy Death from Russia
Katatonic Despair (Inner Scars) Russia Brutal Death/grind
Sadistic Mutitation (Psychopaths Aberrations) Colombia Slammy US Death
Goreality (Perverse Depraved..) USA Brutal Death like D Fetus
Haemophagia (From Sickness..) Brutal US death metal like Suffocation / Devoument
Element (Neons Past) USA Technical Death like Origin
Mortuary (Dying) Brutal Death from Ecuador like Cannibal Corpse
The Day Everything..(Invention:-) New CD Australian GoreGrind masters
Emeth (Reticulated) Belgium New CD of Brutal Death metal
Fuck...Im Dead (DVD plus new CD) 15 euro GOREGORE
Path of Possession (Promised in Blood) USA death metal with Corpsegrinder from C Corpse on vocal
Incapacity (9th Order..) Sweden Death metal in Morbid Angel vein
Relewant Few (The Art of Today) Death metal from Sweden - Great stuffs
Death Twilight (..A Litany fro) Brutal Death metal
Clutch Mental Hospital (Sonic..) Goregrind death - mix between Devourment / Rompeprop
Senate (The Great Northern..) Canada Technical Death metal like Quo Vadis..
Corpulate (Boundless ..) USA fucking brutality
Neoandertals (Neanderthals Were..) Brutal Death metal in US vein
Cunt Grinder/S Revange of../ Hymen Holocause ( 3 - ways of goregrind)
Dead by symphony (Split CD) Melodic Death/thrash
Minion (Exile of Fear) Germany Modern Death metal

Degrade (Lost Torso Found) US Brutal Death metal from Sweden

Pigsty (Living Dead Stars) new MCD best czech grindcore band

Psychomancer (Butchered) USA brutal death metal
Terror Squad Chaosdragon Rising) Japan New CD..Thrash metal like old Slayer
Flatus / Faeces Erruption (Split CD) Gore goreGrind
Ribspreader (Rotten Rhythms..) GoreGrind core
Dead (Whorehouse) New CD of this Germany masters of Porn/Gore
Pencil Lead syringe (Suffocated and Embalmed) USA Brutal fucking death metal
Putridity (Mental Prolapse..) New fresh Brutal Blood from Italy..slammy brutality
Intestinal Strangulation (Pathological..) Brutal as fuck Death metal
Toxix Bonkers (Progress) Poland New CD.GrindDeath metal
CBT (Collection) 2 CDs in DVD box..awesome Gore
Embludgeoned / Human Filleted (Spli CD) Fucking brutal Slam Death metal
Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement (As The Shroud..) USA Brutal Death metal with Lust of Decay drummer
Vomitous / Inhuman Dissilency (Split CD) Brutal as Fuck Slam Death metal
3 Way of Brutality (Jesus Corpus/Innards Decay/PusVomit) Fucking brutal slam Death
Kronos (The Hellenic Terror) France Masters of Brutal Death Metal New CD
Anal Of Blast (Assault On the Hot..) USA Brutal Death metal
Profanation (Lustful Screams of Torture) Germany new CD Brutal US death metal
Blood Duster (Lydenna) Australia New Double CD Grind/Roll
Decomposed / Created to Kill (Split CD) Brutal Death metal
Defloration (The Bone Collector) Germany Brutal death like D Fetus (New CD!!)
Souless (Forever defiant) USA Thrash metal like old Slyer
Yacopsae (Tanz,Grosny..) Germany Grindcore Massacre
Zombie Ritual (Zombies from Tokyo) Gore grincore
Maggots (Dead And Loving It) GoreGrind Massacre
Azure Emote (Chronicles Of An..) USA Experimental Death metal
Holocausto Cannibal (Opus Genitalia) GoreGrind Death
Afgrund (Swarta Dagar) polish grindcore
Dead for Ten weeks (Bloodline Detriment) USA Brutal Slammy Death metal
Embalmer (13 Faces of Death) USA Brutal Death metal
Tha Shattering Begins (Same) Sweden Brutal death like Necrophagist / Cryptopsy
Mental Demise (Psycho Penetration..) Demo Collection Brutal Death Ukraine
Krabathor (Lies) US version of this Cult CD .Death metal Inferno
Semargl (Satanogenesis) USA Old school black metal
Vader (The darkest Age - Live 93) Poland Masters of Death metal
Malevolent Creation (Retrospective) US Death metal Stars
Mycrosstobare (Lex Talionis) MetalCore/Death metal like Katalysm/Hatebreed
Thy Kingdom Come (Though Bleeding Eys) Metal Core/Death metal from UK
Defecal of Gerbe (Discolocasute) Porno/Facal grindcore
Impurity (Of Lust and War) USA brutal death like Incantation, Angel Corpse
One Master (Forsaking a Dead..) Old school Black metal/thrash
Avsky (Mass Destruction) Northern Black Metal
Desensitised (Virus of Violence) Holland Brutal Death metal
Bestial (Final Presage) Brazil Death/Thrash metal
Queiron (Impious Domination) Brazil Brutal Death ala Krisiun..Rebelium
Holder (Merciful Scourge) Brazil Death metal
EvilWar (Bleeding in The ..) Death/black in Behemoth vein
Afground/Relevant Few (Split CD) Grindcore Poland
Disavowed (Stagnated Existence) Ultra brutal Death metal from Holland..new CD!!!
Ulcerate (Of Fracture and failure) New CD ..Brutal death from New Zaeland
Visceral Bleeding (Absorbing the Disarray) Sweden Brutal Death metal New CD !!!
Absorbed (Visions in Bloodred) Sweden Death metal
Odious Mortem (Cryptic Implosion) CA/USA brutal Death metal
Bomberos/Inbreeding Sick (Split CD) Brutal Death/gore Grind
Vulvathrone (Bukkake) Slovenia Brutal Gore Death metal
Despise (Fragments of Reprisal) CZ brutal death (new CD)
Condemned (Desecrated the Vile) US brutal death metal
Abnormal (Shifted The Shape) Brutal Deathmetal from Russia
Mental Apraxia (Cinical hypocritical..) Colombia Brutal deathgrind
Septicopyemia (Vomiting Swamp) Goregrind from Russia like Rompeprop
Suffocated Bastard (Acts of Contemporary..) Germany Brutal US death metal like Gorgasm, Disgorge (CA)
Despondency (Supreme Misanthropic..) New MCD Brutal Fucking Death metal
Leng Tche/Warscars (Split CD) New Stuffs (Grindcore Holocaust)
Total Fucking Destruction (Zen and the..) New CD Grindcore Made in USA
The New Plague (Shackled and Enslaved) USA brutal death like Broken Hope
Gut / Distorted Impalement (Germany vs. Austria split CD) Gore/Porn vs. Brutal US death metal
Certified Insane (Raw , Crude ..) Grindcore ala old Napalm Death, Terrorizer
Between The Frost (Realms of Desolation) Brutal black/death like Dissection
Purulent Infection (Exhuming the Putrescent) US brutal death metal
Bound By Blasphemy (Apocalypse Is..) Brutal death from USA in vein of Broken Hope/Suffocation
Ajdath (Triangle of Death) 100% death metal from JORDAN
A tribute to MORTICIAN CD
Offal (same) Goregrind Brutality
Hate (Odio Vivo) Bolivia death metal like Six Feet Under (Digipack)
Guttural Engorgement (The Slow Decay..) US Brutal slam Death metal
Viral Load (Hillbilly Whore..) TX/USA New CD Brutal death
Impulso De tanatos (Brain Putrefaction) Death metal in vein of Vader/Slayer/M Creation
Repulsive Carnivorism (Extremely Mangled..) USA brutal gore/grindeath
Chainsaw Dissection (Malodorous..) USA Death/grind Gore
Inhumate (At War with..) Official DVD
Crepitation / Kastrated /Ingested (Splt CD) Fucking brutal slammy Death
Defeated Sanity (Psalmof the..) Germany brutal death like Gorgasm/D O Flesh
Silent Over Drive (Disease) Modern Deaththrash metal
Divine Noise Attack (Torn Apart) Germany Pure Death/ metal
Katalepsy (Musick Brings ..) Ultrabrutal death from Russia in vein of Disgorge(US), Gorgasm..
Karcinoma (The Night Apogee..) Black/death metal with great sound
The Ethereal (From Funeral Skies) Ultraslow funeral doom metal
Mortalized (Deathville) Russian answer to Mortician/Torsofuck/Rompeprop
Anal Nosorog (The Beautiful People) Fuckin Grind/Gore Russia
Amentia (Burn To hate) Russia Death metal
Unborn Suffer (Is This What We..) Poland brutal Death/grind
Golgotha (New Life) Old school doom/death with Avulsed vocalist
Inferia (Fucking is A GreatWay..) Finland Brand new CD gore/porn core
Torn Apart (Craving pale Flesh) Sweden MCD Death metal
The Embodiment (Legeon) Holland Death metal in the vein of M Creation/
Human Rejection (Torture of Decimation) Ultrabrutal slammy death from Greece
WTN (Black Hearse) Cult Gore grind like Impetigo
Tools Of the Trade (Inmate Consumption) 1000% grindcore like Ingrowing etc..
Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium (Pussymist) Ukraine Gore/grind
Syphilic (Erotishock Therapy) USA brutal death with member of Gutrot/Mutilated
Horrificia / Raped Bitch (Split CD) Goregrind
Groinchurn (Sextimesnine) Picture LP
Blood (Dysachelium ) Picture LP
Exitium (Outsourcing Morality) USA grindcore Hurricane like Nasum
Imagines Of Violence (Cadaverous Recomposition) TX/USA brutal death
Stumgewehr666 (StrurmingSaint..) Poland Anti-Christian Brutal Death
Impure (Hemicorporectomy) Spain Ultrasick brutal death New CD
Infernal Revulsion (Devastate Under..) Japan brutal US death metal
Blastkorps (Glorified) Holland death metal Inferno (like Vader, M Creation..)
Beyond Fatal (The Demon Eulogy) USA brutal death metal
Paganizer (Double Cds) 4 Cds on 2 Cds (Sweden death metal)
Saprogenic (Ichneumonid) USA brutal fucking Death metal
Goryptic (From Blast to..) France Brutal US death metal
2 minuta Dreka (Lets Start a Porn..) Italy gore/pornGRIND core
Sick Room 7 (Hail to Intolerance) Depressive doom/rock/metal 
Bloodsoaked (Brutally Butchered) US brutal death in Cannibal Corpse (old), Suffo vein
Human Artifacts (The Principles..) US brutal death with ex- members of mighty LIVIDITY
Nourriture/Disionktation (Split CD) Brutal death/grind from Canada
Pisshitter (Grundle Punch) gore grind in vein of Gut , Rompeprop
Repugnant Stench/Maggot Infected (Split CD) GoregoreNoisy
Human Incineration (The Rebellion) CD EP Death metal /Grind USA
Divine Pustulence (Human Monsters) US brutal death metal
Defleshuary (Zombie Plague..) US butal death metal
Evil Army (Same) Ultrafast thrashcore ala mighty S.O.D. from USA
Moral Decay (I Quit) Metalic hardcore
Warcrusher (Terrorizing God..) Brazil brutal death metal
Amenophis (The Element of Torture) Death/black metal
Unhallowed (Execution Style) USA brutal death metal 
Prophecy (Contagion) Poland Thrash/death metal
Sanitys Dawn / Mechanical Separation (Split CD) Grindcore Massare
URN (Dancing with the Demigods) USA melodic doom metal
Waco Jesus (Receptive When Beaten) USA Masters of Gore Deathmetal
Diftery (Corrupting The Evolution) Slovakia Brutal US death metal like Disgorge, Gorgasm
Manifest Destiny (Within) USA old school Thrash metal (Bay Area)
Resurrecturis (The Cuckoo Clocks..) Technical Death metal
Mortifilia (Redeption) CZ Death metal In Sweden vein
As Light Dies (A Step Through the..) Great melodic Doom metal
Dead Reforge (valance od Death II) Japan HC/Thrash metal/death like Bolt Thrower, Slayer..
Gang Up On Against (The Rain of Slaughter..) Japan Grindcore like old Napalm Death, Righteous Pigs
Diedro/Enfado (Split CD) Brutal HC/Metal influence Brujeria
Esqarial (Discoveries) Poland Death metal
Fetus Eaters/Diorrhea (Split CD) Brutal and sick grind/gore 
Anatomy (Libido Medico) Italy goregrind in Haemorrhage vein
Splatter Entrails/Septic Mutilation/H.A.S. (Goregrind split CD) Fucking SICK!!!
Age Of Agony (War, hate, Blasphemy) Hungary Brutal death in vein of Deicide, old C Corpse
Destructive Explosion..(Sealing off..) Czech rep..Goregrind
E.T.T.S. vs. Fecal Corpse (Split CD) USA brutal death metal
Critical Madness (Killable) Czech rep..goregrind/grind
M.F./N.M.O. (Goregrind Split CD) Sick Shit !!!
Punished Earth (Frankenstein) Brutal death metal Belgium
Sanguinary (Gutted-The Final..) Holland Pure Death metal
Mixomatosis/RDB/Freakhate/B Necrobunda (goregrind Split CD)
Hematoma (Four Years We Wait) Thrash metal like testament, old Metallica
Thy Flesh Consumed (Pacified Oceans..) USA black/death metal Hurricane
Diabolical (Deserts of ..) Sweden old school thrash/black
Mortician (Re-animated Dead..) Goredeath metal Masters !!!!
Burn Victim (Baptized in Gasoline) Arizona /USA brutal death / gore grind
Fetocide (Redefine) brutal death from Germany

Fecal Corpse (We gangbanged..) brutal gore/grind death from USA
Emberland (Emberland) Brutal old school death metal like C Corpse , Obituary
Dethonator (The Endsville) Melodic death/thrash metal from Russia
Vigilia Mortum (Bloody Remorse) Estonia death metal
Sinful (Omyt) Symphonic Black metal from Russia
Devil-May-Care (Awe) Symphonic Black metal Russia
Edenbeast (Shortcuts of Erotic..) Black/death metal Rusia
Low Twelve (This Side Toward Enemy) USA heavy/thrash/core
Splitter (En Sorglig..) Sweden grindcore ala Nasum
Carnal Diafragma (Space Symphony Around Us) CZ grind/gore .. new CD
Ingrowing (Cloned and Enforced) CZ masters of 1OO% Grindcore massacre
Bowels Out (Enlightenment Through..) TX/USA brutal slammy death metal
Bile (The Shed) Ultragore grind core from Holland re-press
Vorkreist (Sublimation xxixA) France death metal in Incantation/Immolation vein
Disastrous Murmur (Marinate Your Flesh) Masters of Sick death metal from Austria - NEW CD !!!
Zubrowska (Family Vault) France HC/Grind/death mix like C Carnage / Cryptopsy
Rest In Gore / Maggottholamia (Split CD) Slammy brutal death from Japan vs. Brutal death from Finland
Demigod (Slumber of Sullen Eyes) Old School death metal from Finland..brutal !!
Evil Darkness (Dark Blasting Tongue)..Colombia.. Ultrabrutal death/grind in Retch vein
Needful Things (Dead Point) Grindcore from Czech republic
Inner Hate (Synthetic Umbilical..) Brutal death from Colombia in vein of Vader , Aborted
Incarnated (Pleasure of Consumption) Goregrind masters from Poland
Splattered Cadaver (Human Stew) US brutal death metal
Lividity (Used,Abused and..) New CD !!! Sickos from OH/USA..brutal death metal
Cadaveric Incubator/Fetal Decay/Mortalized (Split CD) brutal death/gore grind
Pantheon (Atrocity Divine) Symphonic Black Metal from Norway in vein of COF or Dimmu Birgir
Violent Devotion (Entwined By Vengeance) Death metal in vein of Malevolent Creation, Vader
Blood Obsession (Death Surrounds) USA brutal death metal
Teratism (The Human Animal..) USA brutal death metal
Scarce /  Devastathor/Smersh/Viscera-Split CD goregrind/death
Scid (Fucked Beyond Recognition) Germany..fast grind death
Bile (Camp Blood) super gore grind from Holand
Hymen Holocaust (Necromance) Gore goregrind ala CBT, Gut, Rompeprop
Embalming Theatre (The World is..) Switzerland new CD..Gore/death/grind
Neuropathia (Satan is Cunt) Poland masters of grind/gore
Fetal Decay (Your Enemy is..) Russia..brutal death in US vein like Devourment, Prophecy
Purgatory (Luciferianism) new CD with DVD bonus 
Prejudice / Cranal Decay/Necrotorture ( 3 way of brutal death metal)
Korp (Thorns of Centuries..) Black/death metal
The Darksend (Antichrist in ..) Sweden black metal inferno
Dawn of Decay (New Hell) Sweden death/black metal
Mindcollapse (Vampires dawn) Thrash / death metal
Ominous (Intercorpse) USA brutal death in Lividity , Fleshgrind vein
Lust Of Decay (Purity Through..) total new CD..brutal fucking death metal USA
Vitality (Voracious Malignity) USA brutal death metal
Depression (Das Relikt..) double CD of this cult band from Germany..Grindeath
Zeenor (Blood Vessel..) Norway..death metal inferno like Behemoth, Vader with 3 female members
Sons Of Slaughter (Theč Extermination..) USA brutal death metal
Drown Retarded Children (Demented Continuum) USA brutal grind death
Three Victims (Loathing Societal..) Australia brutal death metal
Sabbatic Feast (Scaling the Vortex) USA satanic death metal
Grindfather / Ebanath (Split CD) Russia Goregrind ala Retch
Branded Skin (Shadows Of Fear) Germany death metal in vein of Bolt Thrower
Blood Red Throne (Afflicted With..) Norway brutal death metal..super CD!!
Lowbrow (Sex Vilence Death) ex-member of Obituary..100% death metal
Biolich (The Space Betweenn..) Ultrabrutal daethgrind from Canada..ala Cephalic Carnage, Devourment
BRUTAL DOMINATION DVD !!! (Internal Suffering, Emeth, Stabwound, Incinerate) 15 euro/45O kc
Blackend (Menta.game.Messiah) Super thrash metal like old Metallica
Blackend (The Last Thing..) Thrash metal Germany
Misanthropic (Soulreaver) Doom metal
Endless Distrust (Colours of Death) Death metal Germany
Neoplasm Disseminator/Harmony fault(Premature Autopsy (Gore grind Split)
Foetal Goretomb/Tartopil/Rotten Foetus/Disgusting (Split Goregrind CD)
Necrotic Flesh ( Postmortem Pleasures) Brutal death metal germany
Ektomorf (Kalyi Jag) Hungary thrash/metalcore
Souless / Execrator (Split CD) brutal death metal
Zora (U.V.A.ú brutal death metal Italy
Flesh And Blood Robot (The Sounds that ..) USA death metal in C. Carnage vein
Force Fed Flesh (The HUman Virus) USA death metalcore
Smell Sweet Smell (Fear My Thoughtzs) metalcore
Premonitions of War / Benumb (Split CD) grindcore
Scars of Tomorrow (Design Your fate) metalcore USA
Dark Day Dungeon (By Blood Undone) Metalcore ...  great stuffs !!!
Corpse Carving (Grotesque Goratorium..) ultrabrutal deathmetal
Talamyus (As Long as ..) Canada death metal
Stickoxydal (The Perverted Position..) Belarus gore grind  in CBT, NCC vein..super !!! 
Act of God (The Place of Worship) death black with vocal like Nightwish..very original mix of brutality and melody
Bestial Deform (Stop the Christianity) death/black in Morbid Angel Vein from Russia
Exventer (Procederum Finic) Russia ... brutal death in US vein
Devilish Distance (The Black Mountain..) Russia deatthrash
Suicide (One of Your ..) Turkey ... death metal in Death vein
Twin Obscenity ( For Blood , Honour ..) Black metal from Century Media
Slumlors ( same) USA death metal in old school vein
Blood Red Angel ( The Language of Hate) Thrash metal from Germany like old bands (Sodom, Kreator..)
Dellamorte (Uglier And More..) Sweden .. death metal (Osmose Production)
Bewitched (At the gates of Hell) Sweden .. heavy/black metal
Witchtrap (The First Necromancy) old school thrash/black metal like old Sodom
Viscera Infest (demo single) gore grind Japan
Ultra Vomit (M.Patate) goregrindcore Japan
Artery Erruption (Gouging out Eyes..)brutal death from USA..new CD!!!
Fleshgrinder (Coroners Inquest Suit) Brazil goregrind ..new CD !!!
Pustulated (Haematoma) USA brutal death attack..new CD!!!!
Putrid Pile (The Pleasure in Suffering) new CD !!! brutal death grind USA
Ingurgitate (Bleeding has Sacred..) brutal death TX/USA new CD !!!
Squash Bowels (Love Songs) masters of Goregrind from Poland..new CD !!!!
Pathetic Madness (Destroying the Harmony) super deathgrind like Brutal Truth (old)
Profanator (Libido Clerico) thrash metal from Mexxiiccoo in Destruction vein
Yatrogeny (Taedium Vitae) old school thrash/death metal from Mexico
Veneral Disease / Lunatic Asylum (Split CD) goregrind inferno
Deviant (Larvageon) brutal death from Sweden in Morbid Angel vein
Streetsweeper (Ghetto From..) USA ..grind/thrash/death with members of Skinless, Wasteform
Soils of fate (Highest in the ..) slammy brutal death from Sweden in NY style
Datura (Impulse 80) Ukraine brutal death metal in the  vein of Deeds of Flesh , Disgorge (US)
Fuck Shit Up (Generation of Defecation) Russia death metal
Neformat (Breathe with Hatred) Russia death metal in old shool vein
Mortal Agony (Receptive for Chaos) brutal death from Germany in Cephalic Carnage, Dripping vein
Mummification (Runes of Blood) brutal death from CA/USA in vein of Vile
Falchion (Legacy of Heathens) Viking metal
Exhale (Festerfiction) Grind core from CZ ..
Moonfog (Slaughter of the..) Brutal death metal from Slovakia
Jasad (Annihilate of Enemy) brutal deathgrind from Indonesia
Meat Shits (Give hate Chance)..masters of noise grind
Disgust (years of Torment) brutal death metal
Bloodaxe (Raping the Ancient) balck metal from Canada
Insidious Derepancy (The Inerrancy of Profanation).ultrabrutal death metal from TX/USA
Mucopus (Mulch ?!?)..NY/USA brutal death metal
Count de Nocte (Luctisonus Dolor) new CD ..Black metal Finland
Falchion (Legacy of Heathens) Viking metal
Exhale (Festerfiction) Grind core from CZ ..
Moonfog (Slaughter of the..) Brutal death metal from Slovakia
Jasad (Annihilate of Enemy) brutal deathgrind from Indonesia
Meat Shits (Give hate Chance)..masters of noise grind
Martial Barrage (Call the Serapeum) Canada blast death metal in Morbid Angel vein
Of Human Bandage (The Great Session..) old school black metal in Norway vein
Eternal (Satanic Templains..) Mystic death metal in Brazil vein
Incrust (Baptized In Unholy Gore) Brazil..brutal death metal in Incantation vein
Prejudice (Domination of Chaos)..brutal death from Belgium, very technical
Devoured Decapitation (Ammunition for the..)..ultrabrutal death/grind in Brodequin, Pustulated vein
Ataraxie (Slow Transcending Agony)..super old school doom metal with brutal vocals
Mournful Congregation (The Monod of Creation) super doom metal.
XXX Maniac (Harvesting the Cunt..)gore gore grind
Crimson Massacre (The Luster of..) technical brutaldeath metal from USA
Ophiolatry (Anti-Evangelistic Precess).ultrafast brutal death metal from Brazil
Gored (Incinerate the Vanquished)..brutal fucking death metal from TX/USA
Polymorph (Disgraceful Supper)..death metal inferno from Germany
Viral Load (Brutalized Beyond Belief)..TX-USA brutal death metal
Viral Load (Practitioners of Perversion)..TX-USA brutal death metal
Blood (O Agios Pethane)..Germany..gore death/grind metal
Blood (Christbait)..Germany..gore metal death
Greedy Invalid (Meaning of LIfe)..New CD..CZ doom metal
Disfigured Corpse (Mankind Collapse)..new CD..CZ death/hc/grind masters
Necrofobia (Dark Deep and Eternal)..Ecuador brutal death metal
Wormeaten (Tortured Cadaveric..)brutal death from Colombia in NILE, MORBID ANGEL vein
Coffins (Mortuary in Darkness) Japan..gore death metal
Head Trauma (Psychotic Episode) USA..death metal
Phalogore (Child Burner)..Colombia brutal death
Gorephagia/Beautician (Split CD) brutal death metal
Amputated Genitals (Human Meat..) Death/grind Colombia with ex-Purulent members
Fondle Corpse (From Beyond the Crypt)..Goredeath/grind from Holland
Vomit Remnants (Supreme Vehemence..discography 05)..death/grind Japan
Polymorph (Disgraceful Supper)..Germany..death metal
The Scars  (Animal Enemy)
Cephalic Carnage (Conforming to Abnormality).re-press of first CD plus bonus..grinddeathjazz
Human Pesticide (Mutilated In Bathtub)..brutal death in US vein from Austria
Abcess (Damned and Mummified)..USA death metal cult
Blood Of Christ (..A Dream to remember) Epic dark Death metal from Canada
Infliction (Denouncing the Flesh) TX/USA brutal death metal
Hematoma / Audiorrea (Split CD)..goregrind core
Avulsed (Gorespattered Suicide)..Spain..Masters of Pure death metal
Jungle Rot (Dead and Buried)..USA..Re-press..brutal death in old school
Rottrevore (Disembodies)..Old scholl death metal from USA..pure brutality
Ophis (Nostrae Mortiis..) Germany..old schood doom/death
Torn In Pieces (Mastering the Arts..)Brutal death metal like Vader from Germany
Demon Realm (A Legend of Power) Denmark.. black metal in DarkThrone vein
Sintury (Disgorging the Dead)..TX/USA..brutalfucking death metal
Perversity (Words Like Poison)..Slovakia..new CD..brutal death
Sordid (Armed To Their Grinning).. Sweden..brutal death metal
Diversa (Resalvation)..Russia.thrash metal ala old Metallica
Deformed (Project Torture 005)..brutal death/grind Poland
Bloodchurn (RavenousConsumption)..USA..brutal death metal
Ingurgitating Oblivion (Voyage Towards..) Germany brutal death in US vein..very technical CD
The Day Everything Became..(Slow Death..)..Goregrind in CBT, Rompeprop etc..vein..super sound
Hecate (OPressed by Sorrow)..great doom metal Slovakia

Lerman (Likkuminance)..doom/black metal
World of Lies (WOL)..USA..Old school death metal
Extreme Violence (Wcstasy In pain)..Ultrabrutal US death metal in Suffo/ Pyaemia vein from Greece
Dialectic Soul (Same)..Russia..melodic doom metal
Entropia (Takte Morbid)..Spain..grindcore
Redox (Sharpened Knives)..death/thrash
Mind Eclipse (Utopia Formula of God) Russia..death/black in the vein of Behemoth
Katalepsy (Survival Generation)..Bolivia..100 % grindcore
Cerebral Effusion(Smashed and Splattered ..).Brutal US death metal from Spain